To complete the Cascade Badge in the #ReadThemAllThon, I chose Wonder by R.J. Palacio as the book that might make me cry.

Well, friends. I chose this wisely. During one chapter in particular, my preschooler saw my face and immediately asked, “Mommy, what’s wrong?”

This wasn’t a sad book, by any means, but it was a book about real life. And when real life happens to children, my mom instincts kick in and I just want to cuddle their baby faces forever.

Baby Nerd!

11387515In this book, August is ten years old and going to school for the first time. He’s so smart and honest and the biggest baby nerd of all time. I just want to squish him! I mean, he has a Padawan braid because he’s obsessed with Star Wars. Okay? He has a braid!

So now that I’m done smothering the baby nerd in hugs, let me tell you briefly why he’s just now going to school for the first time in the 5th grade. August has a genetic mutation (two actually) that have left his face deformed, and has spent his first precious decade on earth in and out of hospitals, learning how to concur this miracle we call life. But now it’s been six months since his last surgery and he’s about to get thrown in to this giant mess we call middle school.

August isn’t a special needs child, he just simply looks different. And he is so self-aware of this fact that it makes me want to squish him again. At one point, he compares himself to a Wookie, saying that if a Wookie walked down the hallways of school everyone would be talking about it. He knows the other kids aren’t being mean behind their whispers, but he knows the whispers are about him. And he just lets it roll of his shoulders because he knows they mean no harm. Even he would point out a big hairy Wookie.

Adults are People?

Okay, hold on a minute. When in the world did in-the-background adult conversations start to make me laugh? No, no. Stop. Adults shouldn’t exist. Parents should be seen and not heard! What is happening to me? Oh, God, I’m getting old!

I’ll give an example, if I can stop freaking out long enough to share it with you:

August isn’t the only character to make new school friends during the course of the book, his parents do as well. At one point, a girl named Summer says, “I overheard them talking about fixing Mom up on a blind date with August’s uncle Ben.” —- WHAT?! This is something I would be talking about to my friends! Like, “Oh hey there, Single Friend of Mine, I’ve got a cute brother-in-law that’s single too. You wanna meet up?” OMG. I can’t. I’m a freaking adult. Leave me alone, everybody. I’ve gotta go hide.

Final Thoughts

Go pick up a copy of this book right now. Every single human being on this planet can learn a little something from this story. Or, more accurately, we all need to learn. I found this book on display at the library, which is how I picked it up, because librarians are geniuses and knew someone would need to read it. And boy, were they right.

#ReadThemAllThon Update


With the completion and review of this book, I have earned my Cascade Badge, and Monferno is at 283 CP. I’m so proud of my little fire monkey! Next up, Monferno and I travel to Vermillion City to Fangirl over the thunderous hype we encounter.

See you on the next adventure!



5 thoughts on “Wonder

  1. Have fun, you and Monferno, with Fangirl. It definitely got a lot of hype and I hope you’ll think it’s well deserved. 🙂

    I tried reading Wonder awhile ago and just couldn’t get into it. Maybe it’s time for a retry? I generally try to give books at least two shots before I throw them in the DNF pile forever.


    1. I’ve got the same general DNF rule. Sometimes it just wasn’t the best timing during my first try, but being older and more experienced helps me properly enjoy the book when I try again. Usually, that is. I hope you enjoy this one!


  2. I absolutely LOVED Wonder, but it’s been a while! I really need to reread it. Why do I torture myself so?
    Also, your kid is very smart. XD
    I hope you like Fangirl! I loved it, so hopefully it lives up to the hype. 😉


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