Book to Movie Challenge

Today’s #BoutOfBooks challenge is to share your most favorite and least favorite book-to-movie adaptations. Surprisingly, I had to sit down and think about this one for awhile. You see, I normally see books and movies as two different entities, so I’m not expecting movies to be exactly like the book. Don’t get me wrong, I get upset when my favorite scene from the book is omitted from the movie, but eventually I get over it. If my favorite scene or characters don’t make it to the screen (*ahem* Peeves), then they are mine to keep, and I never really have to share them with the world and pop culture.

Bout of Books

So. Lori wants to know. I think I’m done pondering my answer and I’m ready to post! I’m going to start with my least favorite:

All right, all right. I’m sort of cheating with this one. So here’s the thing – I haven’t actually seen The Desolation of Smaug yet. So I shouldn’t exactly be able to say that it’s my least favorite book-to-movie adaptation. At first, I was stalling my one person viewing party of Part 2 because of that scene with the spiders. You know the one. (Yeah, that one. *shudders*) I can’t stand flipping spiders, okay? I just can’t. Especially not ones that intend to… Nevermind. Spoilers. Having read the book, I simply didn’t think I could handle that scene on the big screen.



I found out that a love interest was introduced! To this day, I don’t know or care who the love interest is even for. I. Don’t. Care. I just. No.

Here’s me in a nutshell: I can’t stand spiders. But I HATE needless romance. I am that person rolling their eyes when your OTP finally kisses and you cheer. I am that person gagging when your OTP finally hooks up and you cry with feels. I am that person dropping a book’s rating by an entire star if the romance serves no purpose other than to exist. I am that person currently preparing for hate mail because of this paragraph.


Let’s go do something happy again! How about we talk about my favorite!

Oh, Holes, how I love thee.

If only…

If only…

Friends. I don’t even know if this is actually a good movie. If this movie sucks, sorry, not sorry. But this book (and obvs the movie) have such a special place in my heart.

I was late to the middle school game anyway, but starting in the middle of the school year sucked (I was homeschool for awhile there). And I didn’t start at some normal time either, like after winter break. It was at the most random time possible, okay? Like not even on a Monday. It was Tuesday or Wednesday and I was a mess. And then I walked into my Language Arts class. I was late, because it’s me, and of course I got lost. The class sat in complete silence. No one even tapped their pencil on the desk. Actually, no one had their pencils out. Every last person had a book, and just sat there waiting. The teacher silently handed me an extra book, pointed to the chalkboard that had a page number scribbled on it, and gestured to the one empty desk in the middle of the room. So I tried to keep the silence as I found my way to the desk and opened the book.

And then the teacher hit “play” on a little boom box.

It was my first audiobook experience. It was the first “required reading” I ever had for school. It was my first favorite standalone. It was the first book I reread. It was the first book that made me cry. It was the only book that made me feel safe during my middle school years.



Big change was coming. High school was on the horizon and I was terrified. I was preparing myself to cry and pout and worry all summer. That is, until the Holes movie was released. Someone bought it for me and suddenly I was carrying my little brother around on my back (acting out the movie), comparing the book to the film (page for page), and trying to invent Sploosh in the kitchen. By the time summer was over, I had hardly noticed that time had passed and Stanley Yelnats had given me the confidence to just be myself and own that first day of school.

It’s just special and you can’t take it from me!

Well anyway, story time’s over, but now you know more about me, and I got a blog post written, lol. Thanks for reading along!

See you on the next adventure, Dominique


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