Musical Tabloid Challenges

As I’m in the moving process, I haven’t had time for the daily #BoutOfBooks challenges, so I’m doing the last three as a round up post.

Day 3 was hosted by the Bout of Books blog, and was “Show Off Your Shelves Photo Challenge”


Yes, yes, yes. This is the floor. This is a stack of books… on the ground. But remember that part where I said I was moving? Yeah. The whole house is basically just piles of boxes and books right now.

Day 4 was hosted by The Book Junkie and was “Title in the Tabloids.” I need to turn the plot of my current read into a tabloid headline. I’m halfway through Fangirl, which isn’t really tabloid-y at all. Hmm… I’m up for the challenge. Let’s spice this up a bit:

Hot Twin Fantasies about Gay Vampire Sex in a Library named “Love”

Oh my word! *hides* That’s not what this book is like at all. Please nobody send my grandmother the link to this post. (I think that’s a tabloid title win, though, lol)

Lastly, today’s (Day 5) challenge is hosted by Janey Canuck and it is to share some book and music connections.

In general, I don’t really think of books and music connecting unless there is a movie adaptation, since it comes with a soundtrack. But Fangirl happens to mention an emergency Kanye dance party, so now every single time I hear a Kanye song, I will immediately think about Cath. And I’m not the only one! Someone named Monica Watson made a Spotify playlist because of Cath’s dance party. I’m not sure if it’ll work on other computers (my Chromebook doesn’t have a Spotify app), but I found a link for it here. Now quit reading blogs and go dance!

Off on dancing adventures, Dominique


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