Eleanor & Park

This book was already on my TBR, but I actually read it on accident. I had already read the first chapter of Carry On by Rainbow Rowell when I had to start adulting. After about five hours of cleaning and packing, I remembered that audiobooks are a thing. Not only that, but my local library has a collection of online audiobooks that are available to be checked out at anytime. I looked for Carry On first, of course, but it was already checked out by someone else.


And that’s how I ended up with Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell, jumping out of order with my TBR, which is something I really don’t like to do. It was the first audiobook on my list that was available.


I. Am. In. Shock. Are you kidding me? I loved this book! How did love a book that’s main thing is a romance? That’s title is nothing but two people’s names? But I loved it so much! How is that even possible? I expected to really dislike this book and trudge through it. But I listened while I was working, and when it was time to stop working and relax, I grabbed the physical copy and continued reading under a blanket.

My Thoughts

This book dealt with some pretty deep real life *ish but doesn’t get too too heavy. It also doesn’t get hot-and-heavy either. Not even once. It’s a romance without sex and that’s exactly the way I like it. For me, a book is more engaging when it focuses on friendships and the hows and whys of people falling in love, rather than just rushing to get to some *ahem* action. In fact, it’s the only kind of action I don’t like in my books. That junk gets gag worthy real fast.


Eleanor & Park made it to my list of books to read when Owlcrate announced that their August box would include a something inspired by the book. I’m glad to say that I loved this book to pieces, and my new necklace is both beautiful and perfect.

#ReadThemAllThon Update


Just as Monferno and I stepped into Celadon City, we heard that there was an immediate opening to train in Fuschia City instead. We both decided to engage in battle in the Fuschia Gym and walked away with our soul badge, but Monferno didn’t leave with me. In the midst of battle, he evolved into Infernape, his third and final stage (currently 514CP)! The two of us will Carry On back to Celadon City and continue this last week of #ReadThemAllThon together.


See you on the other side, Dominique


4 thoughts on “Eleanor & Park

  1. This was the 1st book I ever read by Rainbow Rowell and I knew then that she would always be on my auto-buy author list. I’m glad you loved it! I laughed so hard at, “That’s the only action I don’t like in my books.” Same!


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