I am blogging from my phone, so please excuse the lack of photos and format on this one.

I’m here at the eleventh hour to turn in my final review for #ReadThemAllThon. And by the eleventh hour, I mean that I’m typing this at 11:03pm on Sunday, September 9th. I’m barely sneaking this in on time, but I need everyone to know that I’ve earned my seventh badge of the readathon with Allegiant by Veronica Roth.

I found this third book of the Divergent trilogy to be far more engaging than the second, by far. Insurgent made me want abandon the trilogy, but I’m glad I finally picked up the ending. If you’ve heard spoilers, just imagine me complaining about the same things, but overall, I was very pleased with this novel.

I had planned to give my boxed set of Divergent a new home, but after reading book three, it’s earned its place on my shelf and is definitely going to stay. It’ll never replace The Hunger Games in my heart, but it’s no longer going to be hiding in the back of the double stacked book shelf.

Happy reading,

Dominique ✨


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