Introducing… A Challenge!

Look, look! I made a thing! And you have a chance to join me on the adventure!

January 2nd is my first bookstagramiversary, and I needed to do something to celebrate. There was basically no question that it would have to be a photo challenge. I mean, the reason I created by bookstagram in the first place was to participate in one!

And I know, I know. It’s just one of hundreds of bookstagram photo challenges. How is this a way to celebrate? Well, gather in closer friends, let me tell you.

Are you close enough?
Come on. I won’t bite. I’ll just whisper it in your ear….



Oh my gosh, guys. I’m so excited! In order to win, you’ll need to participate over on Instagram (it is my bookstagramiversary, after all) and I’ve have all the details there. The winner will receive a book from either Book Depository or Wordery and it’s gonna be awesome!

Oh, and that’s not all. There’s actually one more thing I have to announce with this challenge: I plan to make one challenge every month of 2017 and I want to collaborate with YOU! Just fill in the Google Form so I know you’re interested in collaborating during your birthday month.

For this first month I asked one of my favorite bookish friends to join me. Celebrating her birthday on the 8th of January is the beautiful, fabulous, most wonderful Taylor who hangs out with alpacas. Basically, she’s cooler than all of us.

Now without further ado, here’s the January challenge:

I’m so excited! Do you have a bookstagram? Will you join?

I should make a signature graphic,



3 thoughts on “Introducing… A Challenge!

  1. I used “Sherlock returns” because season four is airing tonight. But every prompt is up for interpretation! I posted Sherlock Holmes, Taylor posted a retelling of the story, and another friend posted her favorite sleuth/mystery books. It’s totally up to you!


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