2017 Bookish Goals

  • write a review for every book read
  • start a new book every Monday (52 book goal)
    • stretch goal: complete Beat the Backlist (82 books)
  • create 12 #PirateDustAdventure challenges
  • weekly book photos sessions
  • post daily to bookstagram
  • post weekly to the blog
  • Shut off social media/work at or before 10:30pm
  • minimum monthly reads (can overlap):
    • one diverse book
    • one book published in 2017
    • one book I own (not library)
    • both Bibliophile Academy picks
    • the new Owlcrate book





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5 thoughts on “2017 Bookish Goals

  1. Oh man, reviewing every book AND reading 52 books. That’s certainly a stretch for me but I really wish you well on this endeavor (not to mention all of the other stuff you have going on re: bookstagram — I’m melting in commitments for you already). I’m big on reviewing every book I read, and I was generally on a roll with 95% (best guess) success rate but then I started getting into 1*/DNF territory and though I do like complaining…they were all read in the span of a month that I was all raged out haha.
    Anyways, I digress. Wreck all your challenges this year!


    1. I posted nearly everyday to bookstagram this year, so if I have that weekly photoshoot it shouldn’t be problem. And by “review” I mean a minimum of a sentence on Goodreads. I need to share my thoughts and reflect before I can truly move on.


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