DiverseAthon 2017 TBR

I’m participating in three big things this week/weekend. In order of appearance, they are:


Okay, so admittedly, this one is nuts. Reading a total of 24 hours in just two days. But you know what else is ridiculous? I currently have 13 books checked out from the library and only 10 days left of the month to read them. Not to mention all the books that I own and want to read this month.

Shades of Magic

Guys. I’m freaking obsessed okay? A Conjuring of Light comes out on February 21, and I was planning on rereading the first two books anyway. So obviously, I had to join the group read when I found out about it!


Oh, I am so down for this! Nearly half of those library books I mentioned are diverse or OwnVoices, so participating in the readathon was a no-brainer for me. My goal is to read The Knife of Never Letting GoKindred (the graphic novel!), and If I Was Your Girl in full during the week. Other books that I’ll have with me, but likely won’t complete, will be A Darker Shade of Magic, and Chameleon Moon.

Are you planning on joining any of these bookish groups this week? If so, let me know!



7 thoughts on “DiverseAthon 2017 TBR

  1. Oooh these sound like amazing and epic challenges!! Although reading for 24 hours in 2 days sounds EXHAUSTING.😂 Good luck with it, hehe! And omg I so need to reread ADSOM and AGOS before ACOL comes out. *panics and flails around* I can’t wait for ACOL but also I am thoroughly terrified. 🙈🙊
    Happy reading!


    1. Oh my goodness, I am so scared about what’s going to happen in ACOL. I don’t think my feels will ever be prepared. This is the last book of the trilogy and Victoria keeps tweeting about how her books involve death. I. Just. Can’t.


  2. I’m participating in the DiverseAThon as well! I’m really excited to read and talk about diverse books with other people in the community. Your tbr sounds amazing! I can’t wait to read If I Was Your Girl, I have heard great things about it. I didn’t know about the Shades of Magic Readalong but I may join it, I got books 1 and 2 and I still haven’t read them. This sounds like the perfect opportunity!


    1. I hope I enjoy it. Most of my reads are fantasy, but I’ve heard nothing about good things about If I Was Your Girl.

      And…. waiting for my review? That’s the best compliment a baby blogger could ever hear. Thank you so much!


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