Adventure Plans for February ’17

It’s almost time for A Conjuring of Light! I’m flailing and fangirling and freaking out all at once. I need to know what happens! A Gathering of Shadows ended with a cliffhanger and I can’t handle it any more, okay? I needed book 3 like…. nine months ago. Ahhhh!!!!!

This month I’ve teamed up with the marvelous Reagen Reads over on bookstagram to create this month’s #PirateDustAdventure. I am sooooooo excited about this. Together we brainstormed twenty-eight photo prompts, all inspired by VE Schwab’s Shades of Magic series! So without further ado, here’s the amazingness!



Ach! I love it so much! *flails*

These prompts are 100% open to any way you wish to interpret them! To help get the creativity flowing, I’ll suggest two ideas for each prompt:

  • 1. A Darker Shade of Magic
    • a photo of the book, books about dark magic
  • 2. As Travars
    • “to travel,” bookish maps
  • 3. Red London
    • a healthy empire, red books
  • 4. A very peculiar coat
    • book with outfit of the day, book and furry pet
  • 5. The Night Spire
    • books about pirates, naughtical colors
  • 6. Arnesian
    • the common tongue, books in your first language
  • 7. The Dane throne room
    • best villains, minimalist books
  • 8. Delilah Bard
    • favorite thief, snarky characters
  • 9. A Gathering of Shadows
    • sea of books, moody photo
  • 10. Rhy’s birthday gift
    • book and jewelry, a book gifted to you
  • 11. White London
    • a starving world, dystopian books
  • 12. Essen Tasch
    • The Element Games, which Avatar nation are you?
  • 13. Alucard Emery
    • favorite flirt, best cat person
  • 14. The scent of magic
    • flowers, book and candle
  • 15. I walk on them to tea.
    • “The bodies in my floor all trusted someone. Now I walk on them to tea.”
    • favorite horror/thriller, book and tea
  • 16. Holland
    • misunderstood character, character you want to protect
  • 17. Banner Night
    • make a family emblem, rep your Hogwarts house
  • 18. Stas Reskon
    • “chasing danger,” action/adventure/spy books
  • 19. Calla’s shop
    • favorite bookish merch, best matchmaker
  • 20. Grey London
    • a magic-less city, books set in the 1800s
  • 21. A Conjuring of Light
    • book release day, bookish sunlight
  • 22. Royal masquerade
    • a book that features a party, favorite cliche
  • 23. Rhy Maresh
    • diverse books, favorite royal
  • 24. A way of finding trouble
    • problematic books, favorite troublemaker
  • 25. Black London
    • the lost city, underrated books
  • 26. Kell
    • favorite smuggler, best wardrobe
  • 27. Stone’s Throw
    • book with a tavern, best father figure
  • 28. Anoche
    • “until we meet again,” favorite series ender

Definitely be sure to let me know if you’re joining! Are you as excited for this book as I am? Do you think my ship will sail (Holland + happiness)? Tell me in the comments!



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