Only My Favorite Place

With America celebrating Independence Day, I figured it would be a good time to make a pun. Today’s post is about my favorite independent bookstore: Parnassus Books. But I don’t want to just brag about it, so I’ve brought along some photos as well!

First of all, the children’s section is HUGE. Look at this!

And not only that, but between these two rooms, there’s space for a train table that my son is obsessed with. Not to mention the (not-pictured) middle grade and young adult sections of the store. The YA bit has a ladder in it! You know, like Belle hangs out on. Cause Parnassus awesome!

Since I spend most of my time in with the children’s books and trying to sneak away from my children so I can look at grown-up books, I don’t have many pictures of the store itself. But I did take a photo with my bestie when she came to visit!


Now…. For the main event! Parnassus isn’t just my favorite because it’s a bookstore. Oh, no. This comes in many parts.

1. There are shop dogs

Sorry, no photos  by me of the cuties. I’m always too busy petting them and giving them love. But check them out on the shop’s instagram:

2. They gift wrap at no extra charge

Not to mention the free peppermint patties at the check-out counter

Processed with VSCO with  preset

3. They have a mobile bookstore

And you thought your town’s taco truck was cool.



Nothing beats a Parnassus event! I have met so many authors, I’m gonna have to start writing them down so I can actually remember who they all are.

Even my babies have met Rick Yancey!

And look! Cake!

They regularly have local donuts and coffee too!

5. Meeting other bloggers

Probably even more fun than the authors for, real though, I absolutely love meeting up with fellow book nerds out in the real world. Take this guy, for example – I stood in a signing line next to him, struck up a conversation, fell in love with his Night Circus tattoo, and then realized I had already been following him on every social platform.

I’ve met other bloggers and bookstragrammers as well, and it is incredibly awesome to see the faces behind the #SundayShelfies. Not to mention getting to squeal in the real world about a mutual ship.

Why, yes. We’re definitely hanging out with Holland, Lila, and Kell!

Follow Reagen on his blog, bookstagram or booktube!

What about you? Is there an independent bookstore where you live? If so, I definitely encourage you to check it out! You might just discover your new favorite place.



2 thoughts on “Only My Favorite Place

  1. That’s so awesome that you get to meet other bloggers there! Overall, it sounds like a really great place, but I love the idea of indie bookstores bringing people together like that.


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