Mike Malbrough Interview (author of Marigold Bakes a Cake)


Welcome everyone, to the first blogger/author interview in which they put me in charge of questions. I am so excited to share this post with you!

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The face you make when Penguin sends you a new book!

About Marigold:

Marigold the cat loves Mondays, for that is when he bakes cakes! With his favorite recipe in front of him, he rolls up his sleeves and gets down to it. He whips up egg whites . . . Easy. He adds a cup of milk . . . Peasy. The he sprinkles in just a pinch of . . . of finch?! That’s not right at all! Neither are the smidgeons of pigeons or the spoonsfull of loons. Clearly a chase is in order! Yet all that leads to is a spectacularly messy kitchen. And no cake.
With a recipe comprised of equal parts humor and charm, author-illustrator Mike Malbrough has cooked up a scrumptious laugh-out-loud addition to the great tradition of interruption books.

Synopsis from Goodreads

About those questions:

Happy book birthday, Mike! What are you doing to celebrate?

Thank you so very much! We are planning a launch party at our local independent bookstore. There will be some cake and cat inspired crafts, along with some actual cakes as well.

In your author bio, you mention that your cat hates you. Is this because your book featured Marigold’s story instead of Agnes’?

There might be some truth to that. My first cat book idea was called AGNES IN PARIS, but I shelved it. I think her distain for me goes back further than that though. However, I think that she has caught on that I have a cat-inspired picture book coming out, and she has gotten incredibly friendly over the past month. (See attached pictures for proof.)

Now that your debut children’s book is out in the wild, which do you find more challenging: illustrating your own stories, or bringing someone else’s characters to life?

They both have unique challenges but I think that bringing my own characters to life is a bit more daunting because a lot more is up to me. At the same time I have much more freedom to explore possibilities, so I wouldn’t change the experience and challenge of it.

Do you have plans to create a sequel to Marigold’s story? I must know if the birds ever learn how to properly bake a cake!

Yes! I am working on the sequel right now, and it should be coming out next year. I don’t know if the birds will become better bakers, but they will definitely be in Marigold’s buisiness and he will definitely have something up his sleeve.

Lastly, but most importantly, which kind of cake would you ask Marigold to bake for your next birthday?

I love key lime, especially in the summer. So if he could work that into a cake, that would be awesome. But, he definitely has his own ideas, so I wouldn’t want to restrain his passion and creativity in too many ways.

And now, my friends, because who really needs an author photo when he’s sent cat pictures? Here’s Agnes’ photos with Mike’s bio:


About Mike:

My name is Mike Malbrough and I make books for kids. 

Before my career as a writer-illustrator, I was a freelance graphic designer, comic book artist, performer and teacher with a career spanning two decades. I am the director of ORNG Ink, an after-school studio for young artists, and have received several awards and honors for my work in the community with children and teens.

I live in Orange, NJ with my wife, two adventurous kids, and a cat named Agnes that hates me.

Bio located on Mike’s website

And that’s all, friends! I’ll be channeling my inner Marigold tomorrow and baking a cake myself except it’s Wednesday, not Monday. Little Miss Pond has a birthday happening! And since I can’t send all of you lovelies a slice of cake to celebrate, there will be a (Marigold approved) cake tag posted for you! See you then!

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