Nowhere to Hide for Todd Hewitt

In The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness, Todd, Viola, and Manchee are running and running and running and…. running some more. From an army. A massive army. Out to get them.

My friend Steph introduced me to the band Mermaid Kiss, and their song Nowhere to Hide is perfect for this running away from an army scenario:

What are you currently reading? What songs would you much up with it? Share the link to your post below. If you’re on twitter, use the #BookishMusicals tag!


Pride and Prejudice

Ew. “Poetry is the food of love”

*insert massive eye roll*

Wait, wait… That’s not why we’re here? Oh, okay. Fine. I guess I’ll refrain from laughing at the language and romancing of the early 1800s.

Pride and Prejudice is my first Jane Austen novel. My friends have been hounding me for years to read the thing (since I refuse to watch the thing when I haven’t read the thing) and I finally obliged.

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Emojis Are Taking Over February!

February’s here! And while I’m all about the pastel colors and glitter taking over the world, I get a bit annoyed with all the lovey-dovey stuff. (Though the puns on kid’s Valentine’s get me smiling every time).

I was ECSTATIC to find out about two totally different emoji challenges on two totally different platforms. It’s all the cute and all the fun, with none of the emphasis on romance novels. I’m so here for this!

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I’ve read my first sci-fi novel of 2017! *throws confetti* And it was about time travel! *more confetti*

I was so highly anticipating this book, and was, unfortunately, a tad underwhelmed. This is already the second time this year (it’s still January!) when book two of the duology didn’t make the cut for me. Maybe I’m just in a reading funk or something. I keep getting bored around the 300 page mark this year, so I’m going to try to read a shorter book next (aka, less than 500+ pages).

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Adventure Plans for February ’17

It’s almost time for A Conjuring of Light! I’m flailing and fangirling and freaking out all at once. I need to know what happens! A Gathering of Shadows ended with a cliffhanger and I can’t handle it any more, okay? I needed book 3 like…. nine months ago. Ahhhh!!!!!

This month I’ve teamed up with the marvelous Reagen Reads over on bookstagram to create this month’s #PirateDustAdventure. I am sooooooo excited about this. Together we brainstormed twenty-eight photo prompts, all inspired by VE Schwab’s Shades of Magic series! So without further ado, here’s the amazingness!


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