Bookish Musicals

Welcome to the homepage of the Bookish Musicals weekly meme!

If your current read was turned into a Broadway musical, what would your main character be singing on the stage? Would it be a song of lament and woe? Or would they be taking part in a joyful chorus? Maybe it’s a battle cry or a song of love.

In this weekly meme, imagine your MC’s inner bard and share it with the world. What are they singing? Who are they singing it to? It doesn’t have to be a song from Broadway, but rather, any song of your choice. It’s your musical after all!


How to Join

Every one is welcome to join! Simply link back this page somewhere in your post. The suggested post date is Thursdays, but you can join in at any time.

If you’re participating on Twitter, simply use the tag #BookishMusicals. On Instagram, use the hashtag and mention me as well (no need to tag me in the photo, though).

What to Post

  • Let me know which book you chose,
  • and which character is singing.
  • If possible, link to the song so everyone can hear it.
  • And without spoilers, share why you chose this song for the character.
  • Leave a link to your blog/twitter/ig post in the comments of each week’s master post.

If you want to share your post on social media, use #BookishMusicals so I can find it!

I hope you have fun with this! I can’t wait to see what your characters are singing!