Pride and Prejudice

Ew. “Poetry is the food of love”

*insert massive eye roll*

Wait, wait… That’s not why we’re here? Oh, okay. Fine. I guess I’ll refrain from laughing at the language and romancing of the early 1800s.

Pride and Prejudice is my first Jane Austen novel. My friends have been hounding me for years to read the thing (since I refuse to watch the thing when I haven’t read the thing) and I finally obliged.

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#DAReadAThon TBR

It’s time to join Aentee again for another great readathon adventure! All graphics used in this post were created by Aentee for the #DAReadAThon.

So before we get into the TBR, let’s talk about the readathon itself. Dumbledore’s Army ReadAThon takes place January 1-15, 2017, and focuses on diverse reads, especially those that are #OwnVoices. There are seven reading challenges based on spells in the wizarding world, and we earn House Points for our reading accomplishments! Here’s my house card:


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Holiday Booktubeathon 2016

I need to finish four books in three days in order to have read 80 books in 2016. At first, this seems impossible. BUT the books I’m reading are all children’s books (A Series of Unfortunate Events)  AND I’ll be participating in the Holiday Booktubeathon!

The Booktubers will be hosting sprints on their twitter account and I am definitely going to participate. Alright, with four books to read, let me rephrase that: I NEED to join their reading sprints.

And also, I feel obligated to share that they have a discount on Book Depository because I’ve used it myself and I need to share the love!

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