Pride and Prejudice

Ew. “Poetry is the food of love”

*insert massive eye roll*

Wait, wait… That’s not why we’re here? Oh, okay. Fine. I guess I’ll refrain from laughing at the language and romancing of the early 1800s.

Pride and Prejudice¬†is my first Jane Austen novel. My friends have been hounding me for years to read the thing (since I refuse to watch the thing when I haven’t read the thing) and I finally obliged.

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I’ve read my first sci-fi novel of 2017! *throws confetti* And it was about time travel! *more confetti*

I was so highly anticipating this book, and was, unfortunately, a tad underwhelmed. This is already the second time this year (it’s still January!) when book two of the duology didn’t make the cut for me. Maybe I’m just in a reading funk or something. I keep getting bored around the 300 page mark this year, so I’m going to try to read a shorter book next (aka, less than 500+ pages).

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Crooked Kingdom

I’ve done it, friends! It took me a eleven days and two sleepless nights, but I read my first book of 2017!¬†Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo took me by surprise (in both a good and a bad way), but in the end it holds the place of “favorite book of the year.” (ha. ha. get it? it’s the only book I’ve read this year? ha)

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The Maze Runner

Hello again, friends!

Welcome to my second post and my first book review. I’ve got to be honest before I start, though, and warn you that I haven’t really read any book reviews on other blogs. If there’s a set standard or expectation, I likely won’t meet it. However, what you’re about to read below will be my very own standard: some personal thoughts and zero spoilers. ‘Cause I freaking hate spoilers (it’s actually why I don’t like to read book reviews).

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s jump right into The Maze Runner:

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