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Welcome to The #PageTrackers reading challenge created by Dominique of Pirates and Pixie Dust and Jordan of The Bookish Baker! Every Wednesday, join us as we share and discuss the number of pages we’ve read throughout the week.

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Wait. Don’t you already track the number of books you read? Why are you counting pages?

Great question! Actually, I love seeing how many books I read each year in my Goodreads Challenge, but it’s not really the most accurate way to keep track of how much I read. I mean, some books are 700+ pages while others are under 200. That’s… quite the difference in my reading time per book. When I want to know how much I’ve read in a year, I always check out my page count!

Hey, you’re right! Now I want to track my page count too!

Well, perfect! The more, the merrier! But before you official join the Trackers, you’ll want to set a 2018 goal. The easiest way to know how many pages you want to read for the rest of the year is to look at your past years. Of course, you can manually add together all the pages in all the books you’ve ever read, but if you’re like me and have a great book record so far, that might a century to complete. Here’s how to check your page count on Goodreads:

  • Click on the MY BOOKS tab
  • At the top of the page, click on “Stats”
  • Select the “pages” box

And BOOM! You’ve got your page count! Now you get to decide if you like your average page count each year, or if you want to truly challenge yourself and push for more.

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That was cool. But how do I connect with others?

We are going to have so much fun this year! Our main event will be the weekly discussion and blog hop (Jordan and I will be taking turns hosting!), but we’ll also have monthly newsletters and Twitter chats. Here’s all the links:

  • A list of everyone participating and their progress can be found here
  • Use the official #PageTrackers tag to join in on Twitter
  • Follow Dominique and Jordan for the official blog hops
  • No blog? You can follow Dominique and Jordan on Twitter instead
  • Missed a discussion? You can update your page count here

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Finally, have a great reading year!