Mix ‘n Match Challenge

Today’s #BoutOfBooks challenge looks really fun! Pick up the closest 10-15 books to you, flip to a random page in each, write down the first word on the page, and form a sentence with those words. Articles and conjunctions can be added to your sentence, if needed.

Now friends, when I do random, I go as random as possible. So here’s how I’m doing this: I’m going to the list generator on random.org and plugging in all the book titles. (I really did just grab the books that were closest to me. They were all stacked up around the living room, since we’re packing/moving right now). I’ll pick up whichever book pops up first, and type in the book’s page numbers on the number generator. Only then will I pick the first word on the page.

The random words (and what book they derived from) are:

  • she – Scarlet
  • interesting – Holes
  • into – Shadowland
  • it – The Fault in Our Stars
  • Johnny – The Outsiders
  • for – The Boxcar Children
  • shots – Evermore
  • Richie’s – Eleanor & Park
  • father – Dark Flame
  • third – Vicious
  • had – Peter Pan
  • he – Allegiant
  • I – Blue Moon
  • if – Carry On
  • boats – Fangirl

Here’s my sentence:

For she, he, Johnny, (and) Richie’s father had interesting boats, if I third into “it” shots.

Ha! Does this even make sense? Can you think of a better sentence?

Try it out with the books closest to you! What wacky sentences do you end up with?

Off adventuring, Dominique

Bout of Books


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