A Musical for the Bard

Hello, friends! This is an example post of my new meme Bookish Musicals and was originally a guest post over on Booked Up and Bossy.

A Darker Shade of Music

A Darker Shade of Magic was released in 2015, and so was the Demi Lovato song Stone Cold. Basically they were made for each other. I mean, let’s think about the final scene with Holland. Now imagine Holland singing in his head, directing every last word to Kell. Have you got that picture in your head? Good, good. Now listen to these lyrics:
Were these two things not expressly designed for each other?! Oh my word, friends. The perfection! It’s amazing.

A Gathering of Sound

Secondly, and not nearly as perfect, I imagine Demi Lovato as the voice of Lila Bard in A Gathering of Shadows. I’m not sure why it’s another Demi song, but perhaps she was on the radio in the background while I was reading this series. Now without *really* saying anything, I picture Lila getting ready for *that one thing* while singing along to Heart Attack:
Ugh. It’s just the best, isn’t it? I love these books so much, and I highly recommend that every one read them. And you’re welcome for the ear worms.

Time to Share

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